Bethuel Mangena

BETHUEL MANGENA is a committed editorial cartoonist with a no-holds-barred approach. After studying fine arts (Wits Tech) he studied 3D animation (Boston Media House).

In 2002 he was invited to France along with Zapiro where he exhibited his work and received a medal in recognition of his talent.

In 2004 he visited London with 4 fellow cartoonists under Zapiro’s wing to meet and be inspired by leading UK cartoonists, and the following year the South Africans hosted a reciprocal visit by 5 young British cartoonists and their mentor, Steve Bell (The Guardian newspaper).

Mangena also attended lunch with the British minister of Foreign affairs as well as The Queen’s Birthday Party at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Pretoria.

In 2008 he was joint winner of the Vodacom Cartoonist of the Year Award. He hosts a daily cartoon column for Voices360, which also supplies the Independent Media group. Check out his Cartoons here. 


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